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 Luen Fung provides two different types of plating services to meet the needs of clients.

  • Barrel Plating
    Barrel Plating means to put products (after the process of pre-plating) into a barrel, then put the barrel into a plating bath (with plating solution inside). We apply Barrel Plating mainly on small objects. The products we made are mainly used in garments industry, like buttons or buckles.

    Barrel Plating is cheaper than Rack Plating, but its quality vary with number of products.

    We can do plating on Brass , Zinc alloy and Iron haberdasheries. The Daily turnover is around 15 tons.

    We provide mainstream electroplating colours and up to 150 different combinations to satisfy the needs of the market. For example, the Unique Brand name like “New Generation” colour series.

    In order to prevent cross-contamination, our factory have separated production line (in different factory building) for nickel containing and non-nickel containing products. This can ensure the quality of our products.

(Automation Barrel Plating Production Line)


  • Rack Plating
    Objects (after pre-plating process) will be put on the rack before being put in the plating bath. We apply Rack Plating on small objects or high quality objects. Rack Plating is more expensive but its quality will not subject to a change in number of products.

    We can do various finishing, for instance buttons and buckles of different sizes and shapes. We can yield finishing such as silk printing, fine to medium glaze and two-tones effect to our clients.

    The Daily turnover of rack plating is around 3000 to 4000 dozens. We provide up to 80 different designs for customers to choose.

(Rack Plating Production Line)

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